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Formatting Guidelines

All manuscript submissions must be prepared in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) and contain all figures, images and/or pictures embedded where you want them and appropriately captioned. Also, for all accepted manuscripts, each figure, image or picture that was imported into your Word document must be saved individually as a 300dpi or higher JPEG (.jpg) file and submitted separately; your manuscript and figure numbers must be used in the title of the file (e.g., M12-S-18 Figure 4); that means one additional file for each image imported into your manuscript. These 300dpi images do NOT need to be embedded in your manuscript. For tables or graphs created directly in Word, you do not need to submit them as separate files.

Included below is a summary of the formatting instructions. You should, however, review the sample Word document for details on how to correctly format your manuscript. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit and reformat any submitted document in order to meet publication standards of the journal.

The references included in the References section of your manuscript must follow APA-formatting guidelines. In order to help you, the sample Word document also includes numerous examples of how to format a variety of scenarios. Keep in mind that an incorrectly formatted manuscript will be returned to you, a delay that may cause it (if accepted) to be moved to a subsequent issue of the journal.

  1. Word Document Page Setup:  Two columns with ¼” spacing between columns; Top of page = ¾”; Bottom of page = 1″ (from the top of the footer to bottom of page); Left margin = ¾”; Right margin = ¾”.
  2. Page Breaks:  No page breaks are to be inserted in your document.
  3. Paper Title:  Centered at the top of the first page with a 22-point Times New Roman (Bold), Small-Caps font.
  4. Body Fonts:  Use 10-point Times New Roman (TNR) for body text throughout (1/8” paragraph indention); 9-point TNR for author names/affiliations under the paper title; 16-point TNR for major section titles; 14-point TNR for minor section titles; 9-point TNR BOLD for caption titles for tables and figures; other font sizes as noted in the sample document.
  5. Images:  All images should be included in the body of the document. As noted earlier, all objects/images that have to be embedded into Word (i.e., an image not created in Word) must also be saved as a 300dpi or higher JPEG image, saved as a separate file and submitted along with the original manuscript. These high-quality images do NOT need to be embedded in your manuscript.
  6. In-text Referencing:  List and number each reference when referring to them in the body of your document (e.g., [1]). The first entry must be [1] followed by [2], [3], etc., continuing in numerical order to the final entry in your References section. Again, see the sample Word document for specifics. Do not use the End-Page Reference utility in Microsoft Word. You must manually place references in the body of the text.
  7. Tables and Figures:  Center all tables and figures. Captions for tables must be above the table, while captions for figures are below; all captions are left-justified.
  8. Page Limit:  Manuscripts should not be more than 15 pages (single-spaced, 2-column format).
  9. Page Numbering:  Do not use page numbers.
  10.  Publication Charges:  Manuscripts accepted for publication are subject to mandatory publication charges.
  11. Copyright Agreement:  Review the copyright transfer agreement.
  12. Submissions:  All manuscripts and associated files must be submitted electronically; the only exception would be if you wish to submit a CD with the individual files for your high-quality images, as noted above.

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MANUSCRIPTS should be submitted to Dr. Philip D. Weinsier, manuscript editor, at ude.u1550915959sgb@w1550915959pilih1550915959p1550915959 along with a copy to su.em1550915959ji@ro1550915959tide1550915959.

FILES containing your high-quality images should ONLY be submitted to ude.u1550915959sgb@w1550915959pilih1550915959p1550915959.