2006 IJME-Intertech Author Index

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Session and Paper #

Campbell, John 

ENT 103-075

Chakravarthy, B

ENG 206-118

Chandonais, Michael

IT 302-041

Chattopadhyay, Som 

ENT 108-063, IT 302-064

Chenault, V. Michelle

ENT 108-106

Chou, Karen C.

ENG 201-032

Chowdary B. V.

ENG P501-033, ENG P501-103

Ciampi, Melany M

ENG 205-026, ENG 205-027

Ciesielski, Connie

IT 302-083

Clothier, David

ENT 103-075

Cochran, Robert S.

ENT 104-004

Cole, Leonard S.

ENT 108-106

Craig III, Walter O.

ENT 101-055

Craig, Conrad

ENT 102-076

Crossman, Gary

ENT 106-053A, ENT 101-053B



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