2006 IJME-Intertech Session Chairs

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List of Session Chairs

  • ENT 101
    Session Chair: Bob Buczynski
    Penn State University

  • ENT 102
    Session Chair: Vijay Vaidyanathan
    University of North Texas

  • ENT 103
    Session Chair:
    Rainer Fink
    Texas A&M University

  • ENT 104
    Session Chair: David Eromon
    North Carolina A&T University

  • ENT 105
    Session Chair: Cliff Mirman
    Northern Illinois University

  • ENT 106
    Session Chair: Farrokh Attarzadeh
    University of Houston

  • ENT 107
    Session Co-Chairs: John Spurlin, Andrew Otieno
    Norfolk State University, Northern Illinois University

  • ENT 108
    Session Chair: Kurt Rosentrater
    South Dakota State University

  • ENG 201
    Session Chair: Reza Maleki
    North Dakota State University

  • ENG 202
    Session Chair: Ali Eydgahi
    University of Maryland

  • ENG 203
    Session Chair: Jahangir Ansari
    Virginia State University

  • ENG 204
    Session Chair: Rodney Handy
    Purdue University

  • ENG 205
    Session Chair: Maher Murad
    University of Pittsburgh

  • ENG 206
    Session Chair: Allam Apparao
    Andhra University College of Engineering, India

  • IT 301
    Session Chair: Steve Hsiung
    Old Dominion University

  • IT 302
    Session Chair: Ali Kashef
    University of Northern Iowa

  • IT 303
    Session Co-Chair:
    Paul Butler, Walter E. Theuerkauf
    Ocean County College, Technical University Braunschweig, Germany

  • IT 304
    Session Chair: Haig Vahradian
    Millersville University

  • EN 401
    Session Chair: Gerard McElwee
    University of Lincoln, UK


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