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Most universities and colleges emphasize or require refereed journal publications as part of the scholarly productivity of faculty. This has prompted the International Journal of Modern Engineering (IJME), its five affiliate journals and Intertech to form a partnership—sponsoring a joint conference to offer a unique opportunity for authors to publish their papers in one of these refereed journals. This concept of bringing together a group of journals and other conferences under one main organization has created growing excitement in academic communities in the USA and abroad.   

Our main goal was not to become just another conference but to establish an organization (Please see News) that offers a unique opportunity for authors to publish their papers in one of several leading refereed journals.  Because this conference promised to be one of the most prestigious events of the year, we received several hundred quality abstracts from all over the world without any formal advertisement.

Since the main goal of this conference was to promote journal publication, we were quality rather than quantity driven. Abstract acceptance was a competitive process.  So was publication in the conference proceedings. Papers were blind-reviewed by two or more qualified reviewers followed by detailed reviews by the conference committee. This conference had four divisions: Engineering (ENG), Engineering Technology (ENT), Industrial Technology (IT), and Entrepreneurship (EN).

Selected papers from this conference will be considered for publication in one of the following international journals: International Journal of Modern Engineering, Journal of Industry and Higher Education, International Journal of Applied Management and Technology, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Journal of STEM Education, and Journal of Technology Studies.

Organizing a major conference was a monumental task.  I want to thank the conference committee and all session chairs and reviewers for their hard work in developing an exciting program.  I personally hope you will seek them out to thank them for their fine work.

It is my sincere hope to build on the great success of this conference. We are seeking dedicated individuals to join us on the planning committee for the next conference. We are also seeking session chairs in all areas including engineering, engineering technology, industrial technology, and entrepreneurship.  Please visit the IJME journal web site for more information: http://www.ijme.us

The 2006 IJME-INTERTECH International Conference is being held at Kean University, New Jersey, October 19-21, 2006. On behalf of The 2006 IJME-INTERTECH Conference Committee, we thank you for participating in this great conference and hope you will consider submitting papers in all areas of engineering and related technology for future conferences.


Mark Rajai
IJME Editor & 2006 Conference General Chair
President, International Association of Journals & Conferences


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