2011 IAJC-ASEE Session Chairs


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List of Session Chairs

  • ENG 101
    Session Chairs:  Rex Kanu (Ball State University), & Chao Li (Florida A&M University)

  • ENG 102
    Session Chairs:  Sangram Redkar
    (Arizona State University) & Mehmet Goksu (Millersville University)

  • ENG 103
    Session Chairs:  Sangram Redkar
    (Arizona State University) & Richard Freeman (U.S. Coast Guard Academy)

  • ENG 104
    Session Chairs:  Li Tan
    (Purdue University North Central) & Xiaobing Hou (Central Connecticut State University)

  • ENG 105
    Session Chairs:  Faruk Yildiz
    (Sam Houston State University) & Clara Fang (University of Hartford)

  • ENG 106
    Session Chairs:  Kouroush Jenab
    (Ryerson University) &  Biao Zhang (U.S. Corporate Research Center, ABB Inc.)

  • ENG 107
    Session Chair:  Hiral Shah
    (St. Cloud University)

  • ENG 108
    Session Chair: 
    Mohammad Taghi Ameli (Power and Water University of Technology)

  • ENT 201
    Session Chairs:  Richard Meznarich
    (University of Nebraska—Kearney) & James Toppen (University of Nebraska—Kearney)

  • ENT 202
    Session Chairs:  Faruk Yildiz
    (Sam Houston State University) & Antonio Soares (Florida A & M University)

  • ENT 203
    Session Chair:  Shaobiao Cai
    (Penn State University)

  • ENT 204
    Session Chairs:  Sam Khoury
    (East Carolina University) & Raghu Raman (Amrita University, India)

  • ENT 205
    Session Chairs:  Shiyoung Lee
    (Penn State Berks) & Sadeta Krijestorac (Morehead State University)

  • INT 301
    Session Chairs:  Jessica Buck (Jackson State University) & Charles Hunt (Norfolk State University)

  • INT 302
    Session Chair:  Robert Tango (Southern Polytechnic State University)

  • INT 303
    Session Chair:  Keith Johnson (East Tennessee State University)

  • MSB 401
    Session Chairs:  Tom Warms
    (Penn State University—Abington College) & Raman Adaikkalavan (Indiana University)


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