The Leading Journal of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology

Volume 7, Number 1, Fall 2006


All reviews from Fall/Winter 2006

From the Editors

The Great Success of 2006 IJME-Intertech International Conference  
by Mark Rajai (Northern Kentucky University), Sohail Anwar(Pennsylvania State University)


Animatronics and Emotional Face Displays of Robots
by Asad Yousuf *,  William Lehman (Saint Mary’s County Public School), Phuoc Nguyen , & Hao Tang (* Savannah State University)

The Role of Effective Parameters in Automatic Load-Shedding Regarding Deficit of Active Power in a Power System
Taghi Ameli*,  Saeid Moslehpour (University of Hartford), & Hamidreza Rahimikhoshmakani (*Power & Water University of Technology)

When It's Not Business As Usual
by Ronald Bottin (Missouri State University), Linda Garceau (East Tennessee State University), Diane Hoadley (Eastern Illinois University), & Robert Rogow (Eastern Kentucky University)

Design of a Sensor Based Smart Sprinkler System

by Christian Winter, Nergis Soylemez , Jehil Trivedi, Mark Pickens, Conrad Craig, & Vijay Vaidyanathan (University of North Texas)


RFID Solutions: Parking Optimization and Customer Satisfaction

by  Ben Zoghi, Yong-Kyu Jung, Rohit Singhal, & Rainer Fink (Texas A&M University College Station)


The Effects of Coupling Repetitive Motion Tasks with a Thermally-Stressed Work Environment

by Rondney G. Handy (Purdue University), Michael D. Lafreniere (Ohio University at Chilicothe)

Book Review

Digital Electronics: A Practical Approach, 8/E
by Saeid Moslehpour (University of Hartford)


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