Volume 2, Number 2, Spring 2002 (Book Review)

DC/AC Circuits and Electronics: Principles & Applications

Robert J. Herrick
Delmar-Thomson Learning, Albany, NY

This textbook is the first one in an integrated series of electronics engineering technology texts by Herrick and Jacob.The learning approach used in this book is unique in that DC and AC circuit theory tools are integrated with practical applications of those tools to analog electronics.This approach is designed to better reinforce the learning process by bridging the gap between DC/AC circuits and analog electronic circuits.DC/AC Circuit laws and analysis techniques are integrated through a specific topical sequence and with a variety of practical applications.

Each of the twenty chapters of this textbook begins with performance-based learning objectives that are implemented throughout that chapter.There are hundreds of examples provided in the textbook.Every example is followed by a practice exercise that requires the reader to apply the techniques just illustrated.End-of-chapter problems are organized in sections that correspond to the sections within the chapter.

Electronics Workbench�s MultiSIM and Cadence PSpice are used in this textbook to illustrate simulations of DC/AC circuit and electronic applications.These simulations are integrated throughout the textbook.Most of the simulations are developed using MultiSIM.

This textbook features a reader-friendly writing style.The level of mathematics used in the book is appropriate for electrical/electronics engineering technology students.This book is suitable for use in four-year and two-year electrical/electronics engineering technology programs.

Sohail Anwar, Ph.D.
The Pennsylvania State University, Altoona College

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