Volume 2, Number 2, Spring 2002

When the 21 Century Engineer Journal was launched in spring 2000, its primary goal was to become the first highly selective, internationally recognized journal dedicated to both engineering and engineering technology. As we complete our second year in publication, we are getting closer to our goal.From the beginning, the journal implemented a rigorous and comprehensive review process similar to some of the best print journals. The acceptance rate was set at 25-30%.We also assembled a strong editorial staff, international advisory, and review boards. As the journal gained more national recognition, a number of distinguished individuals from some of the best universities in USA and abroad have joined the journal in various capacities.These highly respected individuals represent members industry, faculty, and administrators such as department chairs, deans and vice presidents from both engineering and engineering technology.

As the journal is gradually establishing its foundation, we are pleased to announce the creation of the editorial board. This board will be responsible for the management of the journal including the selection of editorial advisory and review board members. The journal actively recruited several prominent and internationally recognized individuals to serve on this board. These individuals are as follow:

1)      Dr. Kazakos Demetrios is an IEEE fellow and Professor and Chair of Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of Toledo. He also serves as Associate Editor of Wireless Communication journal.

2)      Dr.Levitin Lev is an IEEE fellow and Distinguished Professor in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Boston University. He is also a member of New York Academy of Sciences.

3)      Dr. Parag K. Lala is an IEEE fellow and Thomas Clinton Mullins Professor of Computer Science and Computer Engineering at University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

4)      Dr. John Edmondson is Editor of Journal of Industry and Higher Education, which is a leading international journal on business-academic collaboration.

We are also pleased to announce that Dr. Feodor Vainstein has joined the editorial staff and will serve as Associate Editor. Dr. Vainstein is currently professor of Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech and is well known internationally for his pioneering work in Fault Tolerant Computing. Dr. Anwar who has been instrumental in moving the journal forward will now serve as Executive Editor. Dr. Alan Profitt from University of Memphis, College of Engineering will serve the journal as its Subscription Editor.

As we present the current issue, we are very excited about the future of the journal. We have formed several partnerships and are exploring more especially with Georgia Tech. We hope you enjoy the current issue and contribute to support and promote the journal among your students and peers. We look forward to your suggestions and recommendations regarding the journal.


Mark Rajai
Northern Kentucky University

Sohail Anwar
Executive Editor
Penn State


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