Volume 2, Number 2, Spring 2002 (Software Review)

inFusion:� Simplifying Online Course Creation

Joel R. Jackson
Georgia Tech

In order for faculty to become involved in the development of online or computer enhanced lecture materials, the production process must be easy and convenient.We have developed a presentation development system called inFusion that makes it possible to create online presentations almost instantly.Lecturers use a very simple interface (below, right) to synchronize graphics, video and audio into a coherent presentation viewable in any browser, as shown below.


These lecture modules consist of multiple synchronized media types.A typical application is synchronization of still slides with a talking head.However, media can also include animations, audio, multiple video clips, multiple synchronized still images, and text.The presentation format is flexible, allowing the presenter to change backgrounds, the elements included, and the layout.This flexibility allows an instructor to tailor presentations to his teaching style, the learning style of his students, and the material.Any of the media windows can be made �hot,� with links to supplementary material, readings, or other lectures.These links can change as the presentation progresses, allowing the creation of context-sensitive links to additional material.

The primary advantages of inFusion are simplicity and portability.Although many of the Internet courses we have produced at Georgia Tech have been filmed in a small studio, instructors can also capture lectures in the classroom, in their own office, or at home.A portable production system can consist of as little as a laptop and a USB camera.Instructors, even with little or no previous experience with inFusion, can create effective and engaging online lectures without the need for additional production personnel.We have found that the availability of these tools has increased interest in creating online courses among the faculty at Georgia Tech.

We have made inFusion freely available at www.ece.gatech.edu/streaming.

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