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Volume 5, Number 2, Spring 2005 (Book Review)

Digital Signal Processing: A Hands-On Approach

Charles Schuler
Mahesh Chugani
McGraw-Hill Companies

This textbook is designed for students in two-year and four-year electrical and electronic technology programs.  It is also useful for engineers and scientists who need to learn the concepts of applied digital signal processing (DSP).  The mathematics used in this book is mostly algebra.  Mathematical concepts are made interesting through use of appropriate examples and software simulations.

The topical coverage of this book includes correlation and convolution, Fourier transforms, windows, digital filters and digital signal processing systems.  This book presents important DSP concepts and then immediately shows their applications via software simulations and examples.  A CD-ROM included with this textbook contains the software required to perform the hands-on activities listed in the book.  These activities are designed to provide a deeper insight into the important DSP concepts.

There are nine chapters in this book.  Each chapter features chapter objectives, summary, review questions and exploration activities.  An illustrated DSP dictionary is provided as an appendix.  The entire book contains enough material for an introductory one-semester course on DSP.

Sohail Anwar, Ph.D.
Pennsylvania State University, Altoona College

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