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Volume 7, Number 2, Spring 2007


All reviews from Spring/Summer 2007

From the Editors

IJME’S Next Conference, and latest News 
by Mark Rajai (Northern Kentucky University), Dan Jennings (Texas A&M University)


Verification and Optimization of an Operational Amplifier Utilizing a Designed Experiment
Alan Windham (Eaton Corporation), James Z. Zhang, Aaron K. Ball (Western Carolina University)

A Simulation Software for Autonomous Navigation of Unmanned Surface Vehicles Using MATLAB Environment
Ali Eydgahi, Dilshan Godaliyadda (University of Maryland), Similola Falase (University of Oklahoma)

Non-holonomic Robotic Control Using the BasicX-24p Microcontroller
John M. Kuperavage (Multi-Dimensional Integration), John R. Wright, Jr. (Millersville University of Pennsylvania)

New Steps in the Development of the Two Legged Robot CENTAUROB
Josef Schlattman, Mekonnen Tesfay Tesfu, Lars Ziemen (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany)

Innovations in Laboratory Development for Computer Engineering Technology Programs
Farrokh Attarzadeh (University of Houston)

Software Review

Application of ANSYS Structural™ in Structural Analysis and Design
Ali Mehrabian, (University of Central Florida)

Book Review

Digital Electronics with VHDL (Quartus II Version)
Saeid Moslehpour, (University of Hartford)


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