2006 IJME-Intertech Author Index

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Session and Paper #

Mahyabadi, M. P

ENG P501-022

Maleki, Reza A.

ENG 201-028

Marx, K

ENG 206-118

Mehrabian, Ali

ENG 204-087

Memon, Altaf A.

IT P501-125

Memon, Mohammad Afzal

IT P501-125

Mendoza, Antonio

ENT 103-075

Meznarich, Richard A.

IT 304-067

Mickelson, Alan

ENT 103-094

Mira, Manuel

ENG 203-023

Mirman, Cliff

ENT 105-035

Moaveni, Saeed

ENG 201-032

Mohammed, Tijjani

ENT 103-056

Mollah, Nazli

ENT 102-065

Morgan, J.

ENT 101-082

Morsi, Rasha

ENG 202-080

Moslehpour, Saeid

IT 303-058, IT 304-059, IT 303-060,
ENG 204-087

Murad, Maher M

ENT 107-036

Muslih, Iyad

ENG 205-092

Mynbaev, Djafar K

ENT 101-074



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