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 Volume 1, Number 1, Fall 2000


All reviews from Fall 2000

From the Editors

Welcome to 21st Century Engineer
by Mark Rajai (Eastby Mark Rajai (East Tennessee State University), and Sohail Anwar (Pennsylvania State University)


Using Simulation Software to Solve Engineering Economy Problems
by Eyler R. Coates (University of Southern Mississippi), Michael E. Kuhl (Louisiana State University),
and Rita L. Schweickert Endt (University of Southern Mississippi)

Laser Cutting Machine: Justification of Initial Costs
by Ratan Kumar and Dwarakish Nagaraja (University of North Texas)

The Development of an Engineer-Leader for the 21st Century
by Vijay K. Arora (The University of Western Australia and School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
Nanyang Technological University)

Teaching Finite Element Analysis to 2nd year Students
by Marshall F. Coyle and Christal G. Keel (Pennsylvania State University)

Software Review

National Instruments LabView
by Francis R. Krygowski (Youngstown State University)

Book Review div>

The Elements of Academic Research
by Melanie Sattler (University of Texas)


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