Submission and Publication Process

 Review Policy

The International Journal of Modern Engineering was developed for engineering, engineering technology, and industrial technology professionals and is a highly selective refereed print journal. Manuscripts that appear in the IJME Articles section have been subjected to a tiered review process. Each manuscript receives an editorial review to determine its suitability for the journal and may be rejected without a content review. The manuscript is then blinded before being submitted to content experts on the International Review Board (IRB). The reviewers then submit their recommendations along with any issues, concerns, or questions about the content of the manuscript to the journal’s editors. The editors send a summary of the reviewers’ concerns back to the authors, who then must respond, in writing, to each issue raised by the reviewers and/or editors and submit a revised manuscript. After a review of the authors’ responses and the revised manuscript, the manuscript will be accepted, rejected, or sent back to the same set of reviewers for a second review. Based on the results of the second review, the revised manuscript will be accepted for publication or rejected.

Manuscript Requirements

The International Journal of Modern Engineering is specifically geared for the engineering and related technology professions. Please note that all submissions to this journal—such as articles, peer reviews of documents and editing requests, as well as replies to authors regarding the status of their submissions—will be handled electronically and sent to the manuscript editor, Dr. Philip Weinsier, at along with a copy to .

Please follow the two-step process to submit and publish your paper in IJME.

  1. Click here for formatting guidelines (two-column format) to help you in the preparation of your manuscript. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will delay the possible publication of your work.
  2. Click here to remit your publication fees.  When making your payment, please be sure to include your paper number and title. This information, along with your final page count, will be sent to you by IJME staff after your manuscript has been accepted for publication.