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2008 IAJC-IJME Sponsors

Organization Sponsors

Journal Sponsors

  • International Journal of Modern Engineering (IJME)
  • Journal of Industry and Higher Education
  • International Journal of Applied Management and Technology
  • International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Journal of STEM Education
  • Technology Interface Journal
  • International Journal of Agile Manufacturing
  • Visual Communications Journal
  • Journal of Communications
  • Journal of Industrial Technology
  • Journal of Computers
  • Journal of Multimedia
  • Journal of Networks
  • Journal of Software

University Sponsors

  •  University of Houston
  •  Murray State University  
  •  California State University-Northridge
  •  University of Hartford
  •  Bowling Green State University
  •  University of Maryland-Eastern Shore
  •  University of North Texas

 Business Sponsors

  •  ProEdit Inc
  •  Namyar Computer Solutions Inc
  • Academy Publisher

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