2006 IJME-Intertech Author Index

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Session and Paper #

Hakimzadeh, Hossein

ENT 107-089

Haldar, Achintya

ENG 204-087

Handy, Rod

ENG 204-017, ENT 105-061

Hartman, Nathan W.

IT 302-041

Heggen, Scott

ENG 202-020

Henderson, James

ENT 105-039

Henderson, R. Scott

IT 302-041

Hendricks, Renee M.

ENT 106-086

Hesselgren, Gannar

ENT 104-110


EN 401-019

Hong, Shane

ENT 104-110

Hung, W. N.P.

ENG 201-054

Hylton, Pete

ENG 204-005

Hsiung, Steve

ENT P501-115, ENT P501-126


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