The Leading Journal of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology

Volume 1, Number 2, Spring 2001


All reviews from Spring 2001

From the Editors

Annual Report
by Mark Rajai (East Tennessee State University) and Sohail Anwar (Pennsylvania State University)


An Economic Order Quantity Model For Time-Varying Demand
by Eyler R. Coates (University of Southern Mississippi), Jon Juneau (University of Southern Mississippi)

A Contemporary K-12 Science and Engineering Outreach Program
by Sohail Anwar (Pennsylvania State University)

An Application of Fuzzy Modeling in Construction Engineering
by Mag Malek, (Georgia Southern University)

A Combined Stress Experiment Using a Hacksaw
by Marshall F. Coyle, (Pennsylvania State University), Christal G. Keel, (Pennsylvania State University)

Software Review

ipTeam Suite 4.3
by: Terri Pruett, (NexPrise Inc.)

Book Review 

Introduction to Engineering Design
by Melanie Sattler, (University of Texas)


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