The Leading Journal of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology

Volume 3, Number 2, Spring 2003


All reviews from Spring/Summer 2003

From the Editors

Journal's New Name And It's First International Conference
by Mark Rajai (University of Memphis/GSL CORP), and Sohail Anwar (Pennsylvania State University)


Efficiency of a Self-Timed Ripple Adder
by Feodor Vainstein (Georgia Institute of Technology) and Lev B. Levitin (Boston University)

Engineering Technology Capstone- An Industry Based Partnership
by Andrew Otieno (Northern Illinois University) , Clifford Mirman (Northern Illinois University)

Using Industrial Partnerships to Aid in Programmatic Continuous Improvement
by Jerome Tapper, Walter Buchanan (Northeastern University) , Ali Kashef (University of Northern Iowa) , Hamid Khan (Northern Kentucky University)

A New Mobility Model And Its Effects on a Mobility-Sensitive CAC Scheme
by Tuna Tugcu (Georgia Tech Regional Engineering Program) , Cem Ersoy (Bogazici University, Bebek Istanbul)

Software Review

Quick Draw: An Auto -Lisp Based Software
by Robert W. Hewitt, Jr. (University of Memphis)

Book Review 

Programmable Logic Controls: Principles and Applications
by Sohail Anwar ( Pennsylvania State University)


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