The Leading Journal of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology

Volume 4, Number 2, Spring 2004


All reviews from Spring/Summer 2004  

From the Editors

Journal New Web Address and Review Process
by Mark Rajai (Northern Kentucky University) and Sohail Anwar (Pennsylvania State University)


Tensile Strength and Optimization of Injection Molding Processing Parameters Using the Taguchi Method
by Jie Zhu, Joseph C. Chen, & E. Daniel Kirby (Iowa State University)
Design and Analysis of an Air-Filter Sensor for a Residential Heading and Cooling System
by Cheng Y. Lin, Steve C. Hsiung, Alok K. Verma, Gary R. Grossman (Old Dominion University)
Undergraduate Teaching of Biomaterials
by K.V. Sudhakar, Tadeusz Majewski (Universidad de las Americas-Puebl

Solid State Zero Current Switching DC Switch for DC Power Systems 
by Wajiha Shireen (University of Houston)

Incorporating Sponsored Projects to Design Teaching: A Reflection on Experience 
by Gül E. Okudan (Pennsylvania State University)

Software Review

FlexPDE: A Useful Tool For The Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
by Wael G. Ibrahim (ECPI College of Technology)

Book Review

Statistical Process Control and Quality Improvement: Fifth Edition
by Sohail Anwar (Pennysylvania State University)


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