The Leading Journal of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology

Volume 4, Number 1, Fall 2003


All reviews from Fall/Winter 2003

From the Editors

Journal Growing Recognition
by Mark Rajai (Northern Kentucky University) and Sohail Anwar (Penn State University, Altoona College)


Correlation Between Uniaxial and Biaxial Compensation Data for Architectural Fabrics 
by Slade Gellin (Buffalo State College)

A Flexible Routing Procedure for Telecommunication Networks
by Michael R. Bartolacci (Penn State University), S. David Wu (Lehigh University), and Roger M.Whitaker (Cardiff University)

by Hasham E. Shaalan (Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi) 

An Object-Oriented Simulation Of a Reactive Manufacturing Scheduling System
by Molu Olumolade (Central Michigan University)
Using Theory of Contraints To Improve Electronics Assembly Process Throughput
by Reza A Maleki (North Dakota State University), Qing Cu (North Dakota State University) and Jim Springer (Phoenix International)

Software Review

Flexsim: A Simulation Software Application for Optimzation
by Joko Prayitno ( Northern Kentucky University)

Book Review

Introduction To Logic Design
by Sohail Anwar (Pennysylvania State University)


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