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Engineering Technology Sessions
Division Co-Chairs: Radha Balamuralikrishna, Vijay Vaidyanathan
Northern Illinois University, University of North Texas

ENT 101: University-Industry Collaboration/Capstone Projects in Engineering Technology
Session Chair: Bob Buczynski
Penn State University
Time and Place: Friday - October 20 - 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm, CAS 234 Room

Title: Senior Design Capstone – A Winning Model
Author: Gary S. Drigel

Title: The Development of Cross Discipline Plans of Study within Existing Engineering Technology Programs to Satisfy Industry Needs
Author: Isaac L. Flory IV, P.E., Anthony W. Dean, Nidal Dahman, John R. Hackworth, Gary R. Crossman

Title: Improving Engineering Technology Programs Through University/Industry Partnerships
Author: Walter O. Craig, III

Title: Bringing Industrial Spirit into Engineering Technology Classroom
Author: Djafar K. Mynbaev


Title: Project EVIS: An Example of an Innovative Capstone Process
Author: J. Porter, G. Wright, J. Morgan, B. Zoghi, R. Fink, Y. Jung

ENT 102: Topics in Electrical Engineering Technology
Session Chair: Vijay Vaidyanathan
University of North Texas
Time and Place: Friday - October 20 - 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm, CAS 235 Room

Title: Teaching the Significance of Data Correlation in Semiconductor Testing
Author: Rainer Fink, Yong-Kyu Jung, Ben Zoghi

Title: Process Flow Simulation to Reduce WIP Built-up and to Maximize Throughput in a Multi-part Multi-operation Process – A Case Study
Author: Nilmani Pramanik

Title: A Technique for the Selection of Suitable Audible Sounds for Acoustic Measurement Use
Author: Dale H. Litwhiler,Terrance D. Lovell

Title: Pricing QoS in Campus Networks
Author: Nazli Mollah, Marcos S. Pinto

Title: A Truly Large Group Project for an Introductory Level Digital Electronics Class
Author: Michael J. Sheliga, Vigyan Chandra


Title: Design of a Sensor Based Smart Sprinkler System
Author: Christian Winter, Nergis Soylemez, Jehil Trivedi, Mark Pickens, Conrad Craig, Vijay Vaidyanathan

ENT 103: Topics in Wireless/Telecommunication Engineering Technology
Session Chair: Rainer Fink
Texas A&M University
Time and Place: Saturday - October 21 - 10:30 am - 12:00 pm, CAS 234 Room

Title: RFID Solutions: Parking Optimization and Customer Satisfaction
Author: Ben Zoghi, Rohit Singhal, Rainer Fink, Young-Kyu Jung

Title: Wireless Sensor Monitoring Combined with RFID Networks
Author: Ben Zoghi, Jay Porter, Yong-Kyu Jung, Steve Thompson, Rainer Fink

Title: Development of an Educational Data Acquisition System to Profile Cyber Attacks
Author: Philip J. Lunsford, II,Erol Ozan, Lee Toderick, Tijani Mohammed

Title: Industry Involvement in a Senior Design Environment: Circuit Board Optimization
Author: John Campbell, David Clothier, Antonio Mendoza, Lisa Dildine, Vijay Vaidyanathan


Title: E-Learning Laboratories for Optical Circuits: Separation of Imperfections in Technology and Teaching Methodologies
Author: Richard Franzl, Deniz Gurkan,
Driss Benhaddou, Alan Mickelson

ENT 104: Topics in Robatics/Rapid Prototyping in Engineering Technology
Session Chair: David Eromon
North Carolina A&T University
Time and Place: Friday - October 20 - 9:30 am - 11:30 am, CAS 234 Room

Title: Use of Rapid Prototyping Tools for Automatic Control Systems Laboratory
Author: Robert S. Cochran, Todd D. Batzel, Peter J. Shull

Title: Animatronics and Emotional Face Displays of Robots
Author: Asad Yousuf , William Lehman, Phuoc Nguyen, Hao Tang

Title: WIP: Exploring the Feasibility of a Robot-Centric CPU Simulator to Control
Physical Robots as an Assembly Language Instructional Aid
Author: Suzan L. Gordon, James Wolfer

Title: Factory-In-a-Box – Mobile Production Capacity on Demand
Author: Mats Jackson, Abedllah Zaman

Title: New Steps in the Development of the Two Legged Robot CENTAUROB
Author: Josef Schlattmann, Mekonnen Tesfay Tesfu, Lars Ziemen


Title: WIP: A Study on Development of Endodontic Micro Robot*
Author: Janet Dong, Shane Hong, Gannar Hesselgren


ENT 105: Topics in Manufacturing/Mechanical/Plastic Engineering Technology
Session Chair: Cliff Mirman
Northern Illinois University
Time and Place: Friday - October 20 - 9:30 am - 11:30 am, CAS 235 Room

Title: Analytical and Experimental Studies of Properties of Ethanol Coproduct-Filled Plastics
Author: Andrew Otieno, Robert Tatara, Srkrishna Suraparaju, K. Rosentrater

Title: Development of Micro-Machining Support Platform
Author: Cliff Mirman, Chandi Pedapati, Sean Wan, Iris Zhang

Title: Parametric Simulation of Injection Molding Plastic Composites with Bio-Based Fillers
Author: K. A. Rosentrater, J. Visser

Title: Cycle Time Reduction for Optimization  of Injection Molding Machine Parameters for Process Improvement
Author: James Henderson, Aaron Ball, James Zhang

Title: On the Optimization of Setting up Parameters for the Hass Z4 500 Machining Laser
Author: Jonathan A. Godfrey, Aaron K. Ball, James Z. Zhang


Title: Sustainability and Life Cycle Management in Guitar Production
Author: Mark French, Rod Handy


ENT 106: New/Revised/Innovative Curriculum in Engineering Technology
Session Chair: Farrokh Attarzadeh
University of Houston
Time and Place: Friday - October 20 - 2:45 pm - 4:15 pm, CAS 234 Room

Title: Developing a New Program in Marine Engineering Technology
Author: Anthony W. Dean, Gary Crossman, Alok Verma, Isaac L. Flory IV, Nidal Dahman

Title: The Modernization of the Surveying Engineering Program at Old Dominion University
Author: Nidal Dahman, Anthony W. Dean, Isaac L. Flory IV, Wes Lewis

Title: Innovations in Laboratory Development for Computer Engineering Technology Programs
Author: Farrokh Attarzadeh

Title: Expectations for a New Aeronautical Engineering Technology Program
Author: Renee M. Hendricks, David L.
Title: Charting a Pathway for Nanotechnology in Engineering Technology Education
Author: Jinwen Zhu, Virendra Varma


Title: Mass Customization and Its Curricular Implications for Four-Year Degree Programs in Manufacturing Technologies
Author: Radha Balamuralikrishna, Kurt Rosentrater, Mark Rajai


ENT 107: Educational Topics in Engineering Technology
Session Co-Chairs: John Spurlin, Andrew Otieno
Norfolk State University,
Northern Illinois University
Time and Place: Friday - October 20 - 2:45 pm - 4:15 pm, CAS 235 Room

Title: A Hands-on Approach to Teaching Civil Engineering Technology Design Courses: A Case Study
Author: Maher Murad

Title: Learning Simplified
Author: Jai P. Agrawal

Title: Service Learning In Architectural Technology: A Habitat For Learning
Author: F. Michael Jordan

Title: Meeting Computing Curriculum Challenges: A Profile of the Indiana University South Bend Informatics Program
Author: Ruth Schwartz, Hossein Hakimzadeh, James Wolfer


Title: Easing the Transition from the Community College to an Engineering Technology Bachelor’s Degree Program
Author: John E. De Leon, Raju Dandu

ENT 108: General Topics in  Engineering Technology
Session Chair: Kurt Rosentrater
South Dakota State University
Time and Place: Saturday - October 21 - 8:30 am - 10:15 am, CAS 235 Room

Title: The Importance of Emerging Biobased Industries to Engineering and Technology
Author: K.A. Rosentrater, R. Balamuralikrishna

Title: Dynamic Simulator of Transmission Gear to Damage Gearing Analysis
Author: Adyles Arato Jr., Ricardo Luiz Antoniolli Passalacqua

Title: Exploring Integration of Design in a Four-Year Manufacturing Engineering Technology Program
Author: Som Chattopadhyay

Title: Algorithmic Complexity Measure and Lyapanov Matrices of the Dynamical Systems
Author: Davoud Arasteh


Title: Data Analysis Methodology for Sand Rat Model
Author: Syed Raza, Marc A. Wilson, Leonard S. Cole, Shikha Gola, V. Michelle Chenault


ENT P501: Poster Session in Engineering Technology
Time and Place:
Saturday - October 21 - 8:30 am - 10:15 am, CAS 237 Room

Title: Evaluating the Degree of Student Learning
Author: Mohamad H. Ahmadian


Title: Engineering Technology Programs at the Crossroads: Curriculum Revisions to Meet Emerging Needs
Author: Harold Wiebe, Seyed Allameh, Mark Rajai, Morteza Sadat-Hossieny

Title: Automation Control Development with Capstone Projects
Author: Cheng Y. Lin, Steve Hsiung

Title: Stochastic Models for Enhancing Agility of Supply Chains
Author: Alok K. Verma

Title: Introducing LABVIEW to Students has a Positive Impact on their Education
Author: Salame Amr

Title: The Design and Implementation of Multiple Processors in Control of Multiple High Power DC Motors
Author: Steve Hsiung, Anthony Dean

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