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Engineering Sessions
Division Chair: Raghu Korrapati
Walden University

ENG 201: New Engineering Programs and University-Industry Collaboration in Engineering Education
Session Chair: Reza Maleki
North Dakota State University
Time and Place: Friday - October 20 - 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm, CAS 236 Room

Title: New Engineering Programs and University-Industry Collaboration in Engineering Education
Author: Kambiz Farahmand

Title: Development of Engineering Transfer Program
Author: Raj L. Desai

Title: Improving Students Learning Through University/Industry Collaboration
Author: Reza A. Maleki

Title: An Innovative Approach to a Cross-Disciplinary Senior Design Project
Author: Saeed Moaveni, Karen Chou


Title: Design and Manufacturing of EAP-activated Microscalpel: An Interdisciplinary Capstone Project
Author: Y. K. Jung,W. N.P. Hung, George Wright


ENG 202: Topics in Telecommunication/Aviation Engineering
Session Chair: Ali Eydgahi
University of Maryland
Time and Place: Saturday - October 21 - 10:30 am - 12:00 pm, CAS 235 Room

Title: Effects Barrier Materials and Data Rates on Object Detection Using Ultra-Wideband Technology
Author: Scott Heggen, James Z. Zhange, Aaron K. Ball

Title: Verification and Optimization of an Operational Amplifier Utilizing a Designed Experiment

Author: Alan Windham, James Z. Zhang, Aaron K. Ball
Title: Molecular Beam Epitaxy Growth and Instrumentation
Author: Sriteja Tarigopula, Terry Golding, Shuping Wang

Title: CLDT: A Combinational Logic Design Interactive Web-based Tool
Author: Rasha Morsi, Linton Russell

Title: Distributed User Tracking System for Positioning Mobile Objects
Author: Kami (Sam) Makki


Title: A MATLAB-Based Simulation for Autonomous Navigation of Unmanned Surface Vehicles
Author: Ali Eydgahi, Similola Falase, Dilshan Godaliyadda

ENG 203: Topics in Mechanical/Computer Engineering
Session Chair: Jahangir Ansari
Virginia State University
Time and Place: Friday - October 20 - 2:45 pm - 4:15 pm, CAS 236 Room

Title: Lead-Free Reflow
Oven Parameter Optimization
Author: Manual Mira, James Z. Zhang, Aaron K. Ball
Title: A New Approach to Manipulate Objects with a Team of Distributed Robots Based on Constrain-and-Move Strategy
Author: Mohammadreza Barouni-Ebrahimi, Nasser Ghariban
Title: Common Misconceptions about Saturation Voltage in Nanoscale MOS Transistors
Author: Bertrand M. Grossman
Title: A new Design for Audio Clipping Pre-amplifier based on Silicon Control Rectifiers
Author: Daniel S. Lamb, Sukumar Kamalasadan


Title: Deflection Solutions for Edge Stiffened Plates
Author: David A. Pape, Angela J. Fox


ENG 204: Topics in Mechanical/Industrial Engineering
Session Chair: Rodney Handy
Purdue University
Time and Place: Friday - October 20 - 9:30 am - 11:30 am, CAS 236 Room

Title: Analyzing a Simple Prop-Whirl-Flutter Model Using Modern Analysis Tools
Author: Pete Hylton
Title: A Generalized Model for Cost of Manufacturing a Deviation-based Formulation
Author: Nilmani Pramanik

Title: The Effects of Coupling Repetitive Motion Tasks with a Thermally-Stressed Work Environment
Author: Rodney S. Handy, Michael D. Lafreniere

Constructing A 3D Finite Element Model To Investigate The Structural Behavior Of LCP, DCP & LC-DCP Used In The Fixation Of Long Bones
Author: Gaffar Cailani, Sidi Berri, Ali Sadegh
Title: Nonlinear Analysis of Steel Frames with Ductile Connections
Author: Ali Mehrabian, Achintya Haldar,  Saeid Moslehpour

Title: Finite Element Vibration Analysis and Modal Testing of Bells
Author: Jahangir Ansari


ENG 205: Innovations in Global Engineering Curriculum
Session Chair: Maher Murad
University of Pittsburgh
Time and Place: Friday - October 20 - 9:30 am - 11:30 am, CAS 237 Room

Title: New Strategies for a New Concept of Education: Cultural Immersion Fostering the Engineering Formation
Author: Claudio da Rocha Brito, Melany M. Ciampi, Dan Budny

Title: Education and the Future of Civil Engineering Construction Site Issues: Knowledge and Workers
Author: Claudio da Rocha Brito, Melany M. Ciampi, Hilda dos S. Alves

Title: Mechatronics Engineering: A Critical Need for This Interdisciplinary Approach to Engineering Education
Author: R. Glenn Allen

Title: A Look at the Ways in Which Universities Offer Common Civil-Mechanical Engineering Courses
Author: Aiman Kuzmar, Iyad Muslih

Title: Creating a New Engineering Program in a Developing Country
Author: Wainer da Silveira E Silva


Title: The Woman Engineer in Brazil
Author: Regina Coeli Silva

ENG 206: Other Topics in Engineering and Management
Session Chair: Allam Appa Rao
Andhra University College of Engineering, India
Time and Place: Saturday - October 21 - 8:30 am - 10:15 am, CAS 236 Room


Title: Update on the Discrete Element Method in Engineering Education
Author: Zhanping You, Qingli Dai

: Design and Development of Virtual Instrument (VI) Modules for an Introductory Digital Logic Course
Authors: Nikunja Swain, Raghu Korrapati

Title: Virtual Instrument and Object Oriented Programming Modules to Enhance Computer Networking Course
Authors: Nikunja Swain, Raghu Korrapati

Title: A Java Based Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
Authors: Allam Appa Rao, P. Srinivas, B. Chakravarthy, K. Marx, P. Kiran

Title: An Investigation of the Use of Digital Video Technology as a Teaching, Learning and Delivery Tool in an Undergraduate Business Communication Course
Author: Elke Leeds

ENG P501: Poster Session in Engineering
Time and Place:
Saturday - October 21 At respective countries

Title: Mode-Frequency Analysis of Laminated Spherical Shell
Author: Umut Topal


Title: A Novel Low-Power Low-Voltage CMOS 1-Bit Full Adder Cell with the GDI Technique
Author: Alireza Saberkari, Shahriar B. Shokuhi

Title: Facial Detection based on PCA and Adaptive Resonance Theory 2A Neural Network
Author: H. Soltanizadeh, M. P. Mahyabadi, Sh.B. Shokuhi
Title: Back‑Propagation Artificial Neural Network Approach for Selection of a Rapid Prototyping Machine
Author: B. V. Chowdary

Title: Issues in the Manufacture of Sculptured Surfaces Through an Existing Force Prediction Approach
Author: Anton Gittens, B. W. Chowdary

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