The Leading Journal of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology

Volume 6, Number 1, Fall 2005


All reviews from Fall/Winter 2005

From the Editors

IJME Leading A Consortium of Five Refereed Journals to Sponsor One of the Most Prestigious Conferences of Upcoming Year  
by Mark Rajai (Northern Kentucky University), Sohail Anwar (Pennsylvania State University)


The Modern Electric Power Industry and Global Sustainable Development
Peter Mark Jansson (Rowan University) & Victor Udo (Pepco Holdings Inc.)

Detection and Analysis of Explosive's THZ Spectra
by Ali Setoodehnia, Feng Huang, Kamal Shahrabi (Kean University
) & Hong Li (The City University New York)

The Dynamics of Transformer Purchasing in a Transformed Electric Market
by David I.Eromon  (North Carolina A&T State University)

Design and Development of a Cost Effective Data Acquisition System Using PC's Parallel Port
by  Abul K. M. Azad (Northern Illinois University)

Software Review

Unix for Beginners
by Jim Sinclair (Kean University) 

Book Review

Programmable Logic Controllers
by Sohail Anwar (Pennsylvania State University, Altoona College)


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