2011 IAJC-ASEE Sessions
Industrial Technology (INT Sessions)


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Industrial Technology Sessions
Division Chairs:
Ravindra Thamma, Connecticut State University
Li Tan, Purdue University North Central

INT 301:  Topics in Manufacturing
Session Chairs:  Jessica Buck (Jackson State University) & Charles Hunt (Norfolk State University)
Time and Place:  Friday, April 29:  1:00pm – 2:45pm, Room 324 

Paper #026
Title:  An International Study to Build a Foundation for an Undergraduate-level Lean Manufacturing Curriculum
Author:  Hiral A Shah, Tracy Tillman

Paper #032
Title:  Necessary Conditions for Deadlock in a Flexible Manufacturing System
Author:  Paul Edward Deering

Paper #037
Title:  Learning through Collaboration: Students Partner with Health Care Organization to Apply Baldrige Criteria
Author:  Sandra W Feola

Paper #188
Title:  Utilizing Simulation to Evaluate Production Line Performance Under Varying Demand Conditions
Author:  Thomas N McDonald, Eileen Van Aken, Kimberly Ellis

INT 302:  Topics in Educational and Technological Concerns
Session Chair:  Robert Tango (Southern Polytechnic State University)
Time and Place:  Saturday, April 30:  8:30am – 10:30am, Room 325 

Paper #096
Title:  Technology Design and Engineering Design: Is there a difference?
Author:  Jenny L. Daugherty, Nathan Mentzer, Todd R Kelley

Paper #108
Title:  Natural Organic Fiber Meshes as Reinforcements in Cement Mortar Matrix
Author:  Reynaldo Mas Pablo

Paper #212
Title:  Quality Improvement Practices of Award-Wining Residential Builders and Housing Developers
Author:  Musibau Adeola Shofoluwe, Andrea Ofori-Boadu, Lewis Waller, Christian Bock-Hyeng

Paper #220
Title:  Object in Light: From Power to Purpose
Author:  Robert William Tango 

INT 303:  Topics in Vehicle Design & Performance
Session Chair:  Keith Johnson (East Tennessee State University)
Time and Place:  Friday, April 29:  3:00pm – 4:45pm, Room 322 

Paper #021
Title:  Unmanned Vehicle with Obstacle Avoidance: Comparison Study
Author:  Thongchai Phairoh

Paper #074
Title:  The Impact of Motorsports Engineering on Automotive Performance
Author:  Pete Hylton, Andrew Borme, Kirk Barber, Paul Lucas, Lee Beard

Paper #080
Title:  Centralized Vision Based Controller for Multi Unmanned Guided Vehicle Detection
Author:  Ravindra Thamma, Leela Mohan Kesireddy, Haoyu Wang

Paper #121
Title:  Optimum Design and Simulation Analysis for Automotive Vehicle Powertrain Mounting Systems
Author:  Liangmo Wang, Qingzheng Wang, Li Tan



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