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Engineering Technology (ENT Sessions)


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Engineering Technology Sessions
Division Chairs:
Faruk Yildiz, Sam Houston State University
Basile Panoutsopoulos, Central Connecticut State University

ENT 201:  Topics in Virtual- and Web-based Environments
Session Chairs:  Richard Meznarich
(University of Nebraska—Kearney) & James Toppen (University of Nebraska—Kearney)
Time and Place:  Friday, April 29:  9:30am – 11:30am, Room 322

Paper #059
Title:  Learning Effects of Desktop Virtual Reality (VR) Environments in College and Career Technical Training
Author:  Debra Steele, Argie Nichols

Paper #061
Title:  Virtual Reality and its Many Different Definitions
Author:  Argie Nichols, Debra Steele

Paper #147
Title:  Industrial Distribution Simulation Laboratory: An Innovative Instructional Strategy to Teach Technical Sales, Branch Operations and Management Skills through Experiential Learning.
Author:  James L. Toppen, Richard A. Meznarich

Paper #153
Title:  Developing Web-based Interactive Tools to Assist Teaching of Core Network Technology Courses
Author:  Chengcheng Li

Paper #276
Title:  Virtual Labs Collaborative Platform (VLCOP)
Author: Prema Nedungadi, Raghu Raman, Krishnashree Achuthan, Shyam Diwakar

Paper #277
Title:  Computer Assessment of Practical Skills (CAPS) Using Scaffolding Methodology as Enabler of Learning
Author:  Prema Nedungadi, Raghu Raman 

ENT 202:  Topics in Green & Alternate Technologies
Session Chairs:  Faruk Yildiz
(Sam Houston State University) & Antonio Soares (Florida A & M University)
Time and Place:  Friday, April 29:  3:00pm – 4:45pm, Room 324 

Paper #036
Title:  Green Plastics: An Emerging Alternative for Petroleum Based Plastics?
Author:  Zaki Kuruppalil

Paper #046
Title:  A General Alternative Energy Course Development for a Technology Program
Author:  Faruk Yildiz, Nedom Muns, Keith L. Coogler

Paper #155
Title:  The State of Security: The Growing Presence Emergency Management Technologies on College Campuses
Author:  Jessica L. Buck

Paper #168
Title:  Using Solar Energy in Robotics and Small Scale Electronic Applications
Author:  Antonio Jose Soares, Chao Li, Jeremy Martin

ENT 203:  Topics in Robotics and STEM
Session Chair:  Shaobiao Cai
(Penn State University)
Time and Place:  Saturday, April 30:  10:45am – 12:30pm, Room 325 

Paper #027
Title:  Increasing the STEM Pipeline through Problem-based Learning
Author:  Michele Dischino, James DeLaura, Judith Donnelly, Nicholas Massa, Fenna Hanes

Paper #034
Title:  Go For Aerospace!: Recruiting the Next Generation of Engineers
Author:  Michele Dischino, Nidal Al-Masoud, Peter Baumann, Viatcheslav Naoumov, Zdzislaw Kremens

Paper #040
Title:  Increasing Hispanic Engagement in Computing Through Service Learning
Author:  Patricia Backer, Belle W. Y. Wei, Janet Sundrud

Paper #043
Title:  Comparison of an Introductory Engineering course with and without LEGO Mindstorm Robots
Author:  Hal Scholz, Kevin McFall

Paper #162
Title:  Robotics: An Opportunity to Introduce Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, and Technology
Author:  Basile Panoutsopoulos 

ENT 204:  Topics in General Engineering Technology Education
Session Chairs:  Sam Khoury
(East Carolina University) & Raghu Raman (Amrita University, India)
Time and Place:  Friday, April 29:  1:00pm – 2:45pm, Room 322 

Paper #014
Title:  International Opportunities in Engineering Technology - An Entrepreneurial Approach
Author:  Jeremy B Ross, Keith Vincent Johnson, Kevin W Varney

Paper #019
Title:  Community College Approach To System Engineering Concepts
Author:  John Buoncora, Marvin Gayle, Danny Mangra

Paper #053
Title:  Strategies for Improving the Retention of Engineering & Technology Students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's)
Author:  Walter Oakford Craig

Paper #150
Title:  Survey of Professional Development Opportunities for Two-year Institution and Community College Faculty
Author:  Elena Brewer, Anthony Dalessio

Paper #213
Title:  VHDL based Instructional Modules for Computer Organization and Architecture Course
Author:  Nikunja Kishore Swain, James A Anderson, Darby Bradley, Daudi Muhamed, Raghu Korrapati

ENT 205:  Topics in Electrical Engineering Technology
Session Chairs:  Shiyoung Lee
(Penn State Berks) & Sadeta Krijestorac (Morehead State University)
Time and Place:  Friday, April 29:  9:30am – 11:30am, Room 324 

Paper #057
Title:  Development of a Compact Three-Phase Induction Motor Drive System with Discrete Components
Author:  Shiyoung Lee

Paper #062
Title:  Industry Supported Semiconductor Test Engineering Academic Survey and Round-table at Texas A&M University
Author:  Tom Munns, Rainer Fink, Ellen Onderko

Paper #068
Title:  A Custom Vibration Test Fixture Using a Subwoofer
Author:  Dale Henry Litwhiler

Paper #107
Title:  Digital Signal Processing and Medical Imaging
Author:  Sadeta Krijestorac, Elaheh Arabmakki, Jonathan Bagby, Anthony Shelley, Daniel Midden

Paper #146
Title:  Development of Computer-Aided Learning Software for Use in Electric Circuit Analysis
Author: Brad Deken, Chris Cowen  



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