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 Engineering Sessions
Division Chairs:

Haoyu Wang, Central Connecticut State University
Biao Zhang, US Corporate Research Center, ABB, Inc.

ENG 101:  Topics in Human Factors Engineering
Session Chairs:  Rex Kanu
(Ball State University), & Chao Li (Florida A&M University)
Time and Place:  Saturday, April 30:  10:45am – 12:30pm, Room 324 

Paper #013
Title:  LEAN Enterprise Principles in Healthcare - How to Apply
Author:  Reza Karim, Kambiz Farahmand, Raghavan Srinivasan, S.Reza Sajjadi, Lori Fisher

Paper #071
Title:  Automatic Facial Expression Recognition Using 3D Faces
Chao Li, Antonio Soares

Paper #186
Title:  The Influence of Liquid Coolant Flow Regimes on the Quality of Injection Molded Plastics Parts
Author:  Rex Kanu, Nathan Marsh

Paper #226
Title:  Video-metrics: Conditioned Head Turn Technique and Beyond
Author:  Barry Alan Hoy, Eleanor Lee Hoy

Paper #259
Title:  Test Battery for Task Performance and Situational Awareness Measurement
Reza Karim, Kambiz Farahmand

ENG 102:  Topics in Aviation & Alternative Fuel Systems
Session Chairs:  Sangram Redkar
(Arizona State University) & Mehmet Goksu (Millersville University)
Time and Place:  Friday, April 29:  1:00pm – 2:45pm, Room 325 

Paper #139
Title:  Embedded On-board Control of a Quadrotor Aerial Vehicle
Author:  Cory Bryan, Mitchel Grenwalt, Adam Stienecker

Paper #141
Title:  Development of a Stop-Rotor Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV)
Author:  Alvaro Vargas-Clara, Sangram Redkar

Paper #142
Title:  Test Bed Development for Shared Mission Autonomous Ground – Aerial Dissimilar Swarming
Daniel Deardorff, Cory Bryan, Mitchel Grenwalt, Adam William Stienecker

Paper #194
Title:  Integrated Remote Management for Bio-Processing Experiments
Author:  Ali Givmanesh, Rupa S Iyer, Driss Benhaddou

ENG 103:  Topics in General Engineering Education
Session Chairs:  Sangram Redkar
(Arizona State University) & Richard Freeman (U.S. Coast Guard Academy)
Time and Place:  Saturday, April 30:  8:30am – 10:30am, Room 322 

Paper #058
Title:  Where is the Transformational Leadership in Engineering Education?
Author:  Pete Hylton

Paper #104
Title:  Improve Retention Through Implementation of “Toy FUN” Projects into Fundamental Engineering Classes
Author:  Shaobiao Cai, Wes Grebski

Paper #143
Title:  Stability of Quasiperiodic System
Author:  Sangram Redkar

Paper #145
Title:  Sounding the Depths- Assessing Cadet Knowledge of Engineering Ethics
Author:  Richard Wayne Freeman, Erik Wingrove-Haugland, Ronald S Adrezin, LCDR David Clippinger

Paper #214
Title:  Undergraduate Student Participation in Applications-based Research
Author:  David Lawrence Stanley, Ronald Sterkenburg, Denver Lopp

ENG 104:  Topics in Information Technology
Session Chairs:  Li Tan
(Purdue University North Central) & Xiaobing Hou (Central Connecticut State University)
Time and Place:  Saturday, April 30:  10:45am – 12:30pm, Room 322 

Paper #106
Title:  Border Gateway Protocols
Author:  Sadeta Krijestorac, Marc Beck, Jonathan Bagby

Paper #130
Title:  Bite-error Aware Lossless Image Compression
Author:  Li Tan, Liangmo Wang

Paper #177
Title:  On the Performance of an Application Layer Multicast Protocol
Author:  Xiaobing Hou, Shuju Wu

Paper #228
Title:  A Multiple Access Protocol for Multimedia Transmission over Wireless ATM Networks
Author:  Hong yu, Mohammed Arozullah

Paper #280
Title:  Vision-guided Robotic Assembly Automation
  Biao Zhang 

ENG 105:  Topics in Electrical & Power Systems
Session Chairs:  Faruk Yildiz
(Sam Houston State University) & Clara Fang (University of Hartford)
Time and Place:  Friday, April 29:  9:30am – 11:30am, Room 325 

Paper #018 
Title:  Modeling a Four-Layer Location-Routing Problem
Author:  Mohsen Hamidi, Kambiz Farahmand, S. Reza Sajjadi

Paper #044
Title:  Challenges of EVs and HVs to the US Electrical Power Grid
Author:  Faruk Yildiz, Kenan Baltaci

Paper #105
Title:  Photovoltaic Energy Systems - A Feasibility Study
Author:  William Trotter Nichols, Youakim Kalaani

Paper #223
Title:  Analog Breakthrough Detection using Laser-induced, Thermal Diffusion Shock Waves
Author:  Saeid Moslehpour, Jun Kondo, Hisham Alnajjar

Paper #269
Title:  Reflection and Transmission of Electromagnetic Waves in a Non-stationary Medium
Author:  Deepthi Madhavapeddy, Ravindra Thamma 

ENG 106:  Topics in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Session Chairs:  Kouroush Jenab
(Ryerson University) &  Biao Zhang (U.S. Corporate Research Center, ABB Inc.)
Time and Place:  Saturday, April 30:  8:30am – 10:30am, Room 324 

Paper #024
Title:  Analysis of Brushed DC Machinery Faults with Coupled Finite Element Method and Equivalent Circuit Model
Author:  Todd D. Batzel, Nicholas C. Becker, Mihai Comanescu

Paper #030
Title:  A Great Challenge: The Optimization of Engineering Enterprises Management in Brazil
Author:  Analia Maria Andrade Pinto, Wainer Da Silveira E Silva

Paper #165
Title:  Fractional Order PID Design for Nonlinear Motion Control Based on Adept 550 Robot
Author:  Yuequan Wan, Haiyan (Henry) Zhang, R. Mark French

Paper #224
Title:  Digital Breakthrough Detection using Laser-Induced, Thermal Diffusion Shock Waves
Author:  Saeid Moslehpour, Jun Kondo, Hisham Alnajjar

Paper #272
Title:  A Survivability Model for Ejection of Green Compacts in Powder Metallurgy Technology
Author:  Kouroush Jenab, Payman Ahi, Ahmad Ghasempoor, Mark Rajai 

ENG 107:  Topics in Computational Techniques and CAD/CAM
Session Chair:  Hiral Shah
(St. Cloud University)
Time and Place:  Friday, April 29:  3:00pm – 4:45pm, Room 325 

Paper #016
Title: CFD Heat Transfer Simulation of the Human upper Respiratory Tract for Oronasal Breathing Condition
Raghavan Srinivasan, Kambiz Farahmand, Mohsen Hamidi

Paper #112
Title:  A Scheme for Functional Tolerancing a Product Family in 3D-Cad System
Author:  Haoyu Wang, Ravindra Thamma

Paper #161
Title:  Overview and Design of Near Net-Formed Spherical Involute Straight Bevel Gears
Author:  Haris Ligata, Haiyan (Henry) Zhang

Paper #163
Title:  Geometry Definition and Contact Analysis of Spherical Involute Straight Bevel Gears
Author:  Haris Ligata, Haiyan (Henry) Zhang

Paper #266
Title:  A Preliminary Investigation into Geometry, Represented by Parameters, and its Effect on Function and Manufacturing Attributes
Author:  Azizi A. Harris, Boppana V. Chowdary, Clement A. C. Imbert

ENG 108:  Topics in General Engineering
Session Chair: 
Mohammad Taghi Ameli (Power and Water University of Technology)
Time and Place:
Saturday April 9:  9:30 - 11:30am, Room 1

Paper #117
Title:  Laboratory Evaluation of the Micellar Flooding as a Tertiary Oil Recovery Method
Author:  Parham Babakhani Dehkordi, Amin Azdarpour, Alireza Zare

Paper #132
Title:  Different Pore Size Alumina Foams and Study of their Physical and Mechanical Properties
Author:   Ahmad Hadi, Saeid Baghshahi, Rahmatolah Emadi and Shirin Naghavi

Paper #184
Title:  Transmission Network Expansion Planning Based on Hybridization Model of Probabilistic Neural Networks and Harmony Search Algorithm
Author:  Mohammad Taghi Ameli, Mojtaba Shivaie, Saeid Moslehpour

Paper #209
Title:  Energy Market and Active Power Reserve Market Modeling in Competitive Electricity Markets to Reduce the Cost of Electricity by Following Power System Security Constraint
Author:  Ramin Ghoraba, Mohammad Taghi Ameli

Paper #239
Title:  Simulation study of Micellar/Polymer flooding process in Sandpack
Author:  Parham Babakhani Dehkordi, Amin Azdarpour, Alireza Zare


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