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Engineering Technology (ENT Sessions)

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Engineering Technology Sessions
Division Co-Chairs: Abdul Yarali, Vijay Vaidyanathan
Murray State University, University of North Texas

ENT 201: Topics in RFID and Communications
Session Chair:
Rudy Ottway
Murray State University
Time and Place: Tuesday - November 18 - 1:00 pm - 2:45 pm, Room 5

Title: Pre-amp EDFA ASE Noise Characterization for Optical Receiver Transmission Performance
Author: Akram Abu-aisheh, Hisham Alnajjar


Title: Design Co ordination of Pre-amp EDFAs and PIN Photon Detectors for Use in Telecommunications Optical Receivers
Author: Akram Abu-aisheh, Hisham Alnajjar

Title: A Bi-level Block Coding Technique for Encoding Data Sequences with Sparse Distribution
Author: Li Tan, Jean Jiang

Title: A Real-time DSP-Based Optical Character Recognition System for Isolated Arabic characters using the TI TMS320C6416T
Author: Haidar Almohri, John S. Gray, Hisham Alnajjar


Title: Telephone Systems Engineering in Brazil: Indigenous vs. Foreign Technology
Author: Wainer da Silveira e Silva, Regina Coeli Silva

ENT 202: Topics in Measurement and Instrumentation
Session Chair: Frank Atuahene
Georgia Southern University
Time and Place: Tuesday - November 18 - 9:30 am - 11:30 am, Room 1

Title: Development and Field Testing of a Hybrid Water Heating and Dehumidification Appliance
Author: Aaron K. Ball, Chip Ferguson, William McDaniel

Title: A Low-Power Instrumentation and Recording System for Swing Door Usage Analysis
Dale H. Litwhiler, Thomas H. Gavigan
Title: Education of a the Citizen Architect through Designing Mobile Health Clinic Concepts
Author: Elizabeth Martin

Title: Development of a new equipment to measure the hydraulic conductivity of clay liners to facilitate construction and maintenance of structures with compacted clay
Author: Frank Atuahene

Title: Stethoscope for Monitoring Neonatal Abdominal Sounds
Author: Jonathan M. Hill, Andrew Maloney, Kelly Stephens, Ronald S. Adrezin, Leonard Eisenfeld

Design and Testing of a Permanent Magnet Axial Flux Wind Power Generator
Author: Garrison F. Price, Todd D. Batzel, Mihai Comanescu, Bruce A. Muller


ENT 203: Topics in Aviation Systems
Session Chair: Mary Johnson
Purdue University
Time and Place: Tuesday - November 18 - 9:30 am - 11:30 am, Room 3

tle: Standardized Measures of Safety: Finding Global Common Ground for Safety Metrics
Author: Timothy D. Ropp, Brian G. Dillman

: No Hassle Check-in of Aircraft Customers and Baggage
Author: Katie Baloun, Renee Hendricks, Denver Lopp

Title: Planning of Non-routine Work for Aircraft Scheduled Maintenance
Author: Josanne Aungst, Mary E. Johnson, Sung Soo Lee, Denver Lopp, Marc Williams

Title: Introduction of Lean Six Sigma Principles into Aeronautical Engineering Technology Courses
Author: Mary E. Johnson¸ Sergey Dubikovsky

itle: : Learning Aerospace Design and Manufacturing Processes to Demonstrate ABET Program Objectives
Author: Brent Vlasman, Sergey Dubikovsky, Jonathan Schwartzkopf, David Vallade


Title: Development of Safety Event Metrics for an Aviation Organization
Author: Anthony J. Morell, Mary E. Johnson, Edie K. Schmidt, Michael W. Suckow

Title: Implementing Safety Management Systems for Aviation into an Aviation Technology Curriculum
Author: Timothy D. Ropp

ENT 204: Topics in Renewable Energy
Session Chair: Keith Williamson

Virginia State University
Time and Place: Wednesday - November 19 - 10:45 am - 12:30 pm, Room 1

e: Biotechnology: Gearing up to Manufacture Biofuels Including Ethanol and Biodiesel
Author: Alton L. Kornegay, Dominick E. Fazarro, David W. Hoffa

Title: Comparing Swiss and U.S. homes in the area of energy efficiency
Author: Jason Kutch, Daphene C. Koch, PhD, William J. Hutzel, P.E.,& Eric Holt

Title: Alternative Energy Choices, Conservation, and Management:A Primer for Advanced Manufacturing Managers
Author: Jeffrey M. Ulmer, Troy E. Ollison

Title: Solar Airports
Author: Serdar Z. Elgun,  Kamal Shahrabi


Title: Feasibility Study for Replacing Asynchronous Generators with Synchronous Generators in Wind Farm Power Stations
Author: Saeid Moslehpour, Mohammad Taghi Ameli, Amin Mirzaie


ENT 205: Selected Topics in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Session Chair:
Asad Salem
Texas A & M University
Time and Place: Tuesday - November 18 - 9:30 am - 11:30 am, Room 2

Title: Flow Angle Effects on Supersonic Flutter of Curved Panels
Author: Mohamed Salim Azzouz, Idir Azouz

Title: Enhancement to the Conditioned Head Turn Technique to Measure Infant Response to Auditory Stimulus
Author: Barry A Hoy, Eleanor L. Hoy

Title: The Integration of Cost into Mechanical Engineering Design Analysis
Author: Gary S Drigel

Title: Determining the spinning reserve in power systems by corrected recursive PJM method
Author: Mohammad Taghi Ameli, Golnazsadat Mahdavikhah, Saeid Moslehpour
Title: Measuring Agility of Organizations – A Comprehensive Agility Measurement Tool (CAMT)
Author: Ameya S Erande, Alok K Verma


ENT 206: Topics in Engineering Technology Education - I
Session Chair:
Omer Farook
Purdue University
Time and Place: Wednesday - November 19 - 8:30 am - 10:30 am, Room 5

Title: High School and University Collaborative Engineering Technology Project
Author: Asad Yousuf, William Lehman, Casey Smith, Elisha Dotson

Title: Program Evaluation: Graduate and Employer Perceptions Regarding Job Preparedness Skills of Design Technology Graduates.
Author: Bonnie Higgins

Title: An Old Tool with a New Twist - Innovating With Inductive Teaching Methods
Author: Ronald Farrell, Kevin Henderson, Sue Boutilier


Title: Successful Strategies for Educating Students With Disabilities In Technologies Education
Author: Elinor Foster-Blackwell

Title: Filling the Void in Computer Education: Establishing and Developing a Responsive Computer Network Engineering and Security Program
Author: Guy C. Hembroff, Yu Cai, Dan Miller


ENT 207: Topics in Engineering Technology Education - II
Session Chair: Pete Klein
Ohio University
Time and Place: Wednesday - November 19 - 10:45 am - 12:30 pm, Room 5

Title: Graphics Course Formative Feedback and Teaching Innovation using Screen Capture Technology
Author: John Irwin

Title: Role of Simulation Software in Enhancing Student Learning in Computer Organization and Microcontroller Courses
Author: Nikunja K. Swain, James A. Anderson, Raghu B. Korrapati

Title: Curriculum Innovation: Technical Sales
Author: Peter W. Klein


Title: Engineering Technology Education:  A National Picture
Philip Weinsier, David J. Brown
Title: Automatic Identification and RFID Course and Equipment for Teaching and Research
Author: Sam Guccione, Uros Marjanovic


ENT 208: Topics in International Engineering Education
Session Chair: Chandra Sekhar
Purdue University 
Time and Place: Tuesday - November 18 - 9:30 am - 11:30 am, Room 4

Title: International Engineering Research and Educational Collaboration on Gallium-Nitride (GaN) Lasers and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
Author: Xiaomin Jin, Bei Zhang, Fei Wang, Jason Flickinger, Sean Jobe, Tao Dai, Guoyi Zhang

Title: A Comparative Analysis and Evaluation of Different Approaches of Globalization of Engineering Curriculum in the USA
Author: Quamrul H. Mazumder


Title: International Partnerships in Engineering Education: American and African Perspectives
Author: J. Antonio, S. Moaveni

Title: Integrating Chinese Students into an American Capstone Engineering Technology Design Course
Author: Rebecca P. Blust, Scott J. Schneider

Title: Preparing the Engineering Technology Graduate for the Global Marketplace
Author: Walter O. Craig

Title: Relevance of Student Input in Globalization Of Engineering Education
Author: Willie K. Ofosu, Francois Sekyere


ENT 209: Topics in  Management and Entrepreneurship
Session chairs: Masaru Okuda
Murray State University
Time and Place:
Tuesday - November 18 - 9:30 am - 11:30 am, Room 5

Title: Identification of Significant Factors and Topics for Establishing a Standard Evaluation Instrument for Six Sigma Black Belt Projects
Author: Bruce DeRuntz, Ron Meier

Title: Situating a Senior Project Course in a University QEP Research-Based Instructional Framework
Author: Farrokh Attarzadeh, William Fitzgibbon, Enrique Barbieri, Miguel Ramos


Title: Development of a Research Oriented Wireless System for Human Performance Monitoring
Author: Jonathan Hill, Majdi Atallah, Kevin Ball

Title: Task Diminishment: Construction value loss through sub-optimal execution
Author: John R. Patton

Title: Risk Assessment of Highway Bridges: A Reliability-Based Approach  
Author: Reynaldo M. Pablo

Title: Identifying Prevention Methods to Reduce CTS Incidents: Based on Analysis of Employee Perception and by Utilizing the Strain Index  
Author: Gabriel C. Smith,  Mandara D. Salvage


ENT P 401: Poster Session
Time and Place:
Wednesday - November 19 - 10:45 am - 12:30 pm, Room 6

Title: From Practice to Entrepreneurship: Rethinking the Learning Factory Approach
Author: Heather Hadlock, Steven Wells, Jemma Hall, John Clifford, Nicholas Winowich, James Burns
Title: An Engineering Design of the China’s Social Structure In a Technology Era
Author: George Yang

Title:Engineer Women Take Top Level Management In Brazil
Author: Regina Coeli Silva
Title: Characterization of Tensile Properties of Woven Ceramic Composites at Room and Elevated Temperature
Author: Mehran Elahi



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