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Industrial Technology (IT Sessions)

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Industrial Technology Sessions
Division Chair: Philipe Weinsier
Bowling Green State University

IT 301: Topics in Information Technology
Session Co-Chairs:
Cliff Mirman & John Spurlin
Northern Illinois University, Norfolk State University
Time and Place: Wednesday - November 19 - 8:30 am - 10:30 am, Room 2

Title: The Effect of Computer Utilization By Technology Students For Problem Solving On Pedagogy
Author: L. Tawfik, H. Tawfik, K. Shahrabi

Title: An Evaluation of Privacy and Security Issues at a Historical Black University
Author: Michael Jones

Title: Technology Integration into Architecture Building Systems
Author: Robert W. Tango

Title: A Pilot Project in Evaluating the Use of Tablet-PCs and Supporting Technologies in Sophomore Electronic Technology Courses
Author: Kuldeep S. Rawat, Mehran Elahi, Gholam H. Massiha

Title: Synchronous Replication of Remote Storage
Author: Timur Mirzoev

Title: Building Information Modeling: An Academic Perspective
Author: Vivek Sah, Clark Cory

IT 302 Section 1: Topics in Manufacturing, Construction and Product Design - I
Session Co-Chairs:
Richard Meznarich & Stan Lightner
University of Nebraska at Kearney, Western Kentucky University
Time and Place: Wednesday - November 19 - 8:30 am - 10:30 am, Room 3

Title: Determination of Machining Parameters of Corn Byproduct Filled Plastics
Author: Kurt A. Rosentrater, Andrew Otieno, Pratyusha Melampati

Title: A Comparison of Job Completion Times Using Three Different Batch Processing Implementations
Author: Lee R. Clendenning

Title: A Computer-Based Economic Analysis for Manufacturing Process Selection
Author: M. Djassemi

Title: Globalization of Technology - Imagine the Possibilities
Author: Mani Manivannan

Title: Routing Map for Automated Robotic Part Delivery System in Manufacturing Environments
Author: Payam Matin, Ali Eydgahi

IT 302 Section 2: Topics in Manufacturing, Construction and Product Design - II
Session Chair:
Youakim Al-Kalaani
Georgia Southern University
Time and Place: Wednesday - November 19 - 8:30 am - 10:30 am, Room 4

Title: Process to Product Orientation: Re-engineering Experience from a Developing Country
Author: Victor Raj

Title: Developing a Design for Manufacturing Handbook
Author: Mohsen Hamidi, Kambiz Farahmand

Title: Examining Neutral Formats for Visualization and Data Exchange
Author: Nate Hartman, Adrian Lim

Title: Examining 2007 São Paulo City Subway Line - 4 Construction Site Accident
Author: Analia Maria Andrade Pinto, Wainer da Silveira e Silva

Title: A Model for Managing Civil Construction Company Systems
Author: Carlos Alberto Pereira Soares, Christine Kowal Chinelli
Paper#246 (presentaion only)
Title: Recruiting and Retaining Learners in Construction Management
Presenter: Timothy Brockman


IT 303: Topics in Online/Web Systems
Session Chair: 
Richard Clendenning
Catalyst Technologies
Time and Place: Wednesday - November 19 - 10:45 am - 12:30 pm, Room 4

Title: Utilizing Webcam Technology to Bring Students Into the Field
Author: Daphene Koch, Mark Shaurette

Title: A Space Efficient Local Look-up Search Peer-to-Peer Protocol for Trustworthy key distribution
Author: Graciela Perera, Robert Kramer, Anthony Weaver

Title: Novel Automatic Utility Data Collection System using IEEE 802.15.4-Compliant Wireless Mesh Networks
Jin Zhu, Recayi Pecen
Title: Development of a Global Web-Based Industrial Process Control Laboratory for Undergraduate and Graduate Engineering Technology Education
Author: Mohammad Al-Khedher, Dale McDonald

Title: Prototype Model for Real Time Home Surveillance System over the Internet
Author: Rathika Rajaravivarma

IT 304: Topics in Wireless Sensors/Networks
Session Chair:
Ravindra Thamma
Central Connecticut State University
Time and Place: Tuesday - November 18 - 1:00 pm - 2:45 pm, Room 4

Title: Autonomous Mobile Robot Using RTK GPS
Author: Thongchai Phairoh, Keith Williamson

Title: A Wireless Sensor Network Communication Model for Automation of Electric Power Distribution
Author: M. Muthukumar, N. Sureshkumar, MA. BhadriNarayan

Title: Advanced Mobile Communications for Emergency Management and Crisis Response
Author: Mike Bowman

Title: GPS Satellite Precision Global Surveying
Author: S. Akbar, M. Thakkar, D. Jones, K. Adom, N. Rashidi

Title: Monitoring of Distributed Pipeline Systems by Wireless Sensor Networks
Author: Yuanwei Jin, Ali Eydgahi

IT 305 Section 1: Topics in IT Education - I
Session Co-Chairs: Jessica Buck & Ali Osareh
Jackson State University, NC A &T State University
Time and Place: Tuesday - November 18 - 3:00 pm - 4:45 pm, Room 1

Title: A comparison of Instructional Methods for Improving the Spatial-Visualization Ability of Freshman Technology Seminar Students
Author: Chip Ferguson, Meagan Karvonen, Aaron Ball, Edward Case

Title: A Remote Control Project to Enhance Undergraduate Students’ Interest and Knowledge in Industrial Automation
Author: Akbar Eslami, Aliza Williams, Loella Lapat, Ali Osareh

Title: Establishing an ISO 17025 Compliant Laboratory at a University
Author: Karen Hullihen, Verna Fitzsimmons, Michael Fisch

Title: A Jitter Education: First-Year Lab
Author: Gene L Harding

Title: An International Lean Certification Role Delineation Delphi Study Applied to Develop Graduate-level Curriculum in Lean Manufacturing
Author: Hiral A. Shah, Tracy S. Tillman


IT 305 Section 2: Topics in IT Education - II
Session Chair: Mike Bowman
Murray State University
Time and Place: Tuesday - November 18 - 3:00 pm - 4:45 pm, Room 2

Title: Minority Influence on Engineering Technology in Shaping Industrial Education Policy
Author: John Kugler

Title: Enhancing Student Leadership, Entrepreneurship, & Innovation Skills through Active Learning
Author: Raj L. Desai

Title: Technology Transfer and Sustainability - Adapting Factors: Culture, Physical Environment, and Geographical Location
Author: Rashed M. Al-Thawwad

Title: Globalization Issues In The Industrial Technology Transfer Supply Chain
Author: Todd Myers

Title: Global Trends in Patenting
Author: Ben Cranor, Jerry D. Parish, Matthew E. Elam

IT P 401: Poster Session

Time and Place:
Wednesday - November 19 - 8:30 am - 10:30 pm, Room 6

Title: Cognitive Responses to Engineering Designed Products
Author: John Mativo

Title: VLSI and SPICE Modeling of ALU
Author: Saeid Moslehpour, Srikrishna Karatalapu

Paper#179 (presentaion only)
Title: Web-Based Videos: Enhance and Reinforce Manufacturing Laboratory Activities
Author: Stan Lightner, Richard Meznarich

Title: Virtual Private Network with Open Source and Vendor Based Systems
Author: Veeramuthu Rajaravivarma

Title: On-Line Emission Monitoring for Power Generation Modeling
Author: Youakim Al Kalaani


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